PROYFIN is a planning, and design firm committed to design excellence, social responsibility, and sustainability with work experience in the United States and Latinamerica.

PROYFIN employs a collaborative process by implementing effective leadership and open communication. This process establishes a working environment of trust that enables clients, community members and stakeholders to make fully informed decisions during the planning and design process in order to reach consensus and complete successfully any plan or project.

PROYFIN seeks to understand our clients’ vision, values, and goals, and then work tirelessly to achieve them on a timely manner.

PROYFIN believes that design quality, intertwined with experience, innovation and creativity produce sustainability and lasting solutions.

PROYFIN utilizes an iterative planning and design process that combines our skills in analysis, diagnostics, conceptualization and consensus building. This process allow us to arrive to sustainable planning and design solutions that take into account the economic needs and social values of each community.