PROYFIN approaches each planning and design project with no preconceived ideas or solutions.We believe that streets are places for experiencing the diverse cultures and lifestyles that share the urban space as well as the connective networks of cities that allow for moving people and goods by feet, bicycles, cars, transit and trucks.
The process of creating the urban space should rely on many disciplines, encourage public participation, and acknowledge the role of history. The quality of the urban experience is directly related to the controlled of urban settlements and the careful management of urban growth.

Open spaces and buildings should be designed and located considering the character of neighborhood the activities of the urban spaces. Natural features including water and vegetation should be integrated into the design of places. In order to create successful and active urban spaces natural features should be easy accessible.
We are able to design urban places of all scales trough our collaborative process that includes the community and the public and private sector in order to find solutions reached by consensus.

Our planning process always takes into account the existing environment and the community as a whole. We engage the public and stakeholders in the process of building consensus and ideas that will shape their communities for many years to come.
Since cities and complex artifacts we use and interdisciplinary approach for planning and design. We are able to manage different disciplines in order to create better urban spaces.

We believe that implementation is a key component of any successful planning process. Although visions and plans are important in inspiring communities to create better urban environments the implementation process should not be forgotten in any planning assignment. Through our project management skills and experience we are able to deliver quality projects on time and under budget.
We provide the following services:

Comprehensive Planning
Sustainable Community Planning
Green Districts
Master Plans
Downtown Redevelopment
Waterfront Planning and Design
Transit Oriented Development
Zoning Analysis and Land Use Regulations
3D animations and renderings
ArcGis Mapping and Analysis
Google Earth visualization

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