Pilar Mixed-use development

Mixed-use development in Pilar, Argentina


Extend the existing street network to a new growth area.
Provide new infrastructure at affordable cost.
Create a new neighborhood where residential and non-residential uses are compatible in terms of scale, appearance and intensity.
Provide open spaces in order to reflect the existing urban pattern.
Create links between the existing urban fabric and the new development.
Create new urban spaces that will provide identity and a “sense of place” to the new neighborhood.

Design Proposal

A new boulevard connects the existing street network with the new development.
The new street network is similar in block perimeter, block length, and sidewalk width to the existing street pattern.
Two new town squares and a new football field create opportunities for community interaction.
Two recycled old factories provide identifiable anchor buildings at the new town squares.
Two flexible building types, “villas” and “courtyards,” can accommodate different uses and a range of unit sizes according to the market demand.
A new street and park facing the river creates recreational opportunities and protects public view.

Pilar Site Plan first phase
Pilar Site Plan

Building Types and Block types

Pilar sections and perspect

Pilar Aerial and section