Real Estate Consulting

Our firm provides a range of real estate consulting services related to new development and redevelopment of existing residential, commercial, and public facilities.


GIS market research
Zoning analysis and strategy
Feasibility and Concept Development
Real Estate Finance
Real Estate Investment
Product positioning
Deal Structuring

Our organization provides training and consulting services in the areas of project finance and project management. The project finance seminars emphasize theoretical and practical aspects of the project finances focusing on the different financial alternatives, sensitivity analysis and project evaluation under different scenarios. The consulting services process starts with the identification and evaluation of risk factors that might affect the project. The next phase of the process includes the identification of financing sources and the requirements to participate in the project. The following phase includes the evaluation of different investment measures such as the Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value under different investment structures and scenarios.

The project management services include the identification of the phases and steps needed to complete the project on a timely basis, identification of the participants, role descriptions and assignments of each of the participants, and development of the tools that will allow the completion of the project on schedule.

Our financial feasibility analysis also includes preparing and refining cash flow proformas, deal structuring and product positioning and phasing. In addition we use scenario analysis that can reflect different market conditions in order to test different development alternatives. We can assess the economic returns of various investment scenarios related to different occupancy alternatives. This proforma analysis allows the evaluation and comparison of net present values for each occupancy scenario and establish the most beneficial economic investment.

Our firm is committed to providing exceptional client services. Our clients include investors, developers, borrowers and lenders in the United States and Latin America. Our foremost goal is to add value to our clients’ activities. We constantly refine our concepts and methods in order to identify the best means for gaining a competitive advantage. We have extensive experience in virtually every type of real estate product. Our advice is market driven, analytically based, practical, and financially sound. We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious and socially responsible. We stay abreast of local, national, and global land-use issues and trends.

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